It's Weird For Everyone
Brian Sawyer and Julian Hemingway go wall to wall with a variety of topics. No one and nothing is safe as Brian and Julian bring to light some obvious fallacies in the world we live in. Need help navigating the complexity of the BS? This is your guide. If you want to laugh and hear tyrants rant about topics that you can relate to, download and listen now.
#6: California F**kery, Mayweather Cries, iPhone 6...100% Nope!

On this week's episode Brian and Julian get into some news stories out of California.  Amy Winehouse gets a statue in London, Mayweather gets Mike Tyson'd and the iPhone 6 shoves its way into our lives. All this plus much more on It's Weird For Everyone...

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#5: TV Inconsistency, Unoriginal Art, and Instagram!

On this week's episode Brian and Julian discuss TV show consistency issues that annoy, getting back to doing the things you WANT to do, unoriginal art in film and music and ideas on making Instagram more entertaining. All this plus much more on It's Weird For Everyone...

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#4: Back to School, Whopper Meets the Double Double, and Celebrity Nudes!

On this week's episode Brian and Aaron speak about returning to school, Burger King merging with Tim Horton's, hackers getting into the iCloud and exposing some celebrity nudes, and bachelor party logistics and suggestions. All this plus much more on It's Weird For Everyone...

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#3: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, F-16 Escorts, and Department Store Improvements...

On this week's episode Brian and Julian speak about the degeneration of award shows.  They also get into some opinions on the latest social media rash, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. F-16s have to escort a Sunwing flight back to Toronto, Brian comes up with a business idea to help improve department stores and Julian is scared to death of a video game.  All this plus much more on It's Weird For Everyone...

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#2: If Hallmark Told The Truth and Strip Club Rules...

This week Brian and Julian present some greeting card ideas in a segment called "If Hallmark Told The Truth." They dive into some strip club etiquette, Pinterest taking over the world and much more!

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#1: Welcome To The Show...

This week Brian Sawyer and his co-host Julian speak about bad names for children, awesome and not so awesome 90s stuff, things women say that drive men nuts and much more! 

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